Reformer Pilates is a full-body workout improving strength, flexibility, alignment , posture, and balance. It famously targets the ‘core’ muscles which stabilise your spine and pelvis. This is how it relieves most back and hip aches and pain. Learning reformer focuses the mind improving mind-body connection. Deep, controlled breathing reduces anxiety and does wonders for your nervous system. Our classes are small with a maximum of 8 people. 


In our usual boutique style, we offer a small class of only 6 bikes. This allows us to give each of a personal experience. We can challenge the experienced rider, and nurture the beginner. We use Keiser M3 bikes, which are arguably the best on the market. To add to the experience, we stream music and instruction to you via wireless headsets, so you can select your preferred personal volume. Our playlists are upbeat and current, always sure to motivate you! 


Small group of 8. A full body workout using lots of reps of light to medium dumbbells to build muscle endurance and tone. Good practice ensures the muscle tissue and nervous system is not damaged, often the case due to heavy weights and bad posture.


A small group of up to only 3 people. Muay Thai pad boxing is a martial art and combat sport. It is a fun and dynamic workout of varied boxing drills. It truly is a fantastic mind-body technique to work off stress and calories. Prepare to sweat!

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